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about us

As a full-service Production House and Creative Agency we are eccentric, sometimes obsessive, pedantic and we will argue back - if what we think you're asking for will not get you the best possible results.

We are not Yes Men.

We are Get-It-Done-Well folks: passionate thinkers, proactive creatives and skilled operators who work closely with each brand, agency or initiative to deliver crafted, memorable projects that generate results. That's why we don't advertise what we do very often - because typically, our clients keep coming back for the same standards of service. 


Since 2018, the Crisp Arthouse team have been working with entities of all shapes and sizes, to get them seen, heard, appreciated and understood. It's about You, not Us. 


Jack Leonardo

Founder. Director.

Jack Leonardo has established a reputation as a respected director and producer on diverse, impactful and prestigious projects across Europe and the Middle East.


Working on productions for the BBC, Cartier, Toyota, National Geographic and Piagêt, Jacopo specialises in organic narratives with a dynamic visual style and pace. This, coupled with an intricate editorial-style and his signature super-human work ethic, enable beautiful results that resonate.

Madeleine Butcher

Founder. Creative Director.

Co-founder and Creative Director Maddy Butcher works with keyboards and spray cans (not at the same time). An award-winning Advertising Copywriter for 12+ years for agencies and clients across the UK, USA and Middle East, she provides scripts for global brands and Production Houses, the occasional Podcast, and complete campaigns from start to finish. 


As a professional Street Artist she pushes the notions of creative marketing with large-scale projects for VW, Vans, Mitsubishi, Cosmopolitan, The Body Shop and many more.

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