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advertising copy

Headlines, names for products, brands, buildings or streets, long scripts, short scripts, big sites, short sites, complete TV campaigns.. or less exciting projects like brochures, EDMs and of course, the newsletter.... Crisp copy is not about flexing our vocab, or milking overused, unnecessary adjectives. We streamline the message to be effective, memorable, or a part of the right message or a bigger conversation. 


More than once, we’ve generated over a million earned interactions in a few days – by instigating and fighting for content people want to be part of. In the Middle East, we talk to regional experts, cultural instigators (and our friends) - to create content that's relevant, authentic, impactful and bullshit-free.  

With 12+ years experience in agencies including Saatchi & Saatchi, TBWA, McCann Erickson and M&C Saatchi, and client-side in New York, our award-winning copy team have delivered major campaigns across the UK, USA and MENA.


On NO occasion will we write:

  • “...sample an inimitable array of sumptuous delicacies…”

  • “A choreography of discovery set to a dreamy private soundtrack”.

  • “The ultimate display of unbeatable dynamic innovation and superior power.”


We will: 

  • consult with your team, creating an optional word-bank that applies to your brand and nobody else - so that if after this project, you want to continue without our help – the standards of your copy won't recede into the abyss.  

As well as concepts and copy, Crisp also offers Message Alignment: a free consultation (yes, that's right) that challenges the impact of your proposed communications for existing tone – to determine the best possible routes for engagement and measurable results.